Saturday, December 8, 2012

*Introduction to Sarah Sparkles Art Adventures and Inspiration Diary*

At the turn of the new millennium, I found myself frequenting art-based warehouse parties for an encompassing, transformative experience. In 2001, I got involved with creating art installations for large Brooklyn warehouse parties. In 2003, I attended my first Burning Man. These experiences primed me-- someone who has a generally deep belief that things should be built to last-- for a life that revolves around creating ephemeral art; something beautiful that lasts for one month, one week, one night, or a one of a kind piece of jewelry that will last for years to come- but I will never see it again. I became dedicated to documenting the finished art pieces as well as the production process that transpired. For myself, the production that happens behind the scenes is the true magic- the alchemy, the circus tricks. I love it! Aside from some small cuts, burns, and the trail of glitter I leave behind, in the end the photograph is usually all I have left. This notion of ephemeral art is apart of what inspires me to create this blog, to give an extended life to the work that I do and pay tribute to the artists that I love. With the exception of my jewelry and costumes, all of the art showcased here is created as a result of dedicated collaborative efforts. It brings me great pleasure to share a glimpse into this unique world that is my chosen life path. It is a way for me to share what happens during those times when I am literally or emotionally sequestered finishing a large project, and my friends and family do not see me for months on end. It is also something I can share with my friends around the world who can’t just hop on the subway to go see what I’m working on. Hopefully this medium will also help me to inspire people to do what they love, and to connect with more people who want to help make the world a sparklier place ;)

Back in 2005 while managing a fashion and accessories boutique in Williamsburg, I was looking for extra work to help pay the bills. My friend David said “Sparkles, do you know that you can get paid to put sparkles on things?” “REALLY?!!!...” He put me in touch with the holiday windows production manager at Bergdorf Goodman… and the rest is history. For the past 7 years I have been working on the freelance visual team that executes a large portion of the year-round production and installation for the illustrious Bergdorf Goodman windows. While working at Bergdorf I met designer Douglas Little and immediately felt kindred with his glamorous, macabre aesthetic. I am always very excited to work on his projects. As a production artist I am committed to working with designers and event producers who’s aesthetic I love- and take great pride and passion into seeing the vision into fruition. Otherwise I prefer to spend my time working on my own jewelry line and accessory designs. I am also in the final stages of producing a photography book on 21st century art-based protests and creative alternative subcultures. The more awesome art jobs that come in, the longer it has taken me to finish the book. But it is worth it to me to fund and produce this book myself; to have total creative and business freedom, to actively work within a DYI paradigm that the book so heavily promotes. (My book is going to be affordably printed in the USA, not China!!) So the ongoing story of my creative work life is one that spans the underground, grassroots, avant-garde, to the world of high-end production arts. For me there is really nothing else in between. And that’s how I like it- the best of both worlds. Full on.

So without further ado I bring you the Sarah Sparkles Art Adventures and Inspiration Diary. It will be a place where I showcase my most current creative projects, share some of my favorite blinged-out jobs of sparkle past, introduce amazing artists and designers that I have the pleasure of working with, and at times give a sneak peak into my world of unique cultural explorations. To get the party started, I have posted my last 3 months of art jobs and creative projects including: Bergdorf Goodman holidays windows, Van Cleef and Arpels holiday decor, events at the Waldorf and the Plaza, underground NYC nightlife and much more! Feel free to share this with others who will enjoy it. Wishing you all the best!!
XO Sarah Sparkles

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