Tuesday, December 11, 2018

**Sarah Sparkles Art Adventure Best of 2018**

The dominant theme of 2018 was creating art that required tremendous team efforts. Special thanks to all of my comrades at the Bergdorf Goodman Visual Department, TINSEL Experiental Design, Flower Cult, Sparkledome, and Burke and Pryde Studio. Amidst a year marked by team efforts, I was also able to find avenues for personal expression with jewelry and costume design commissions, a new website, and 6 page page feature in Enchanted Living/Faerie Magazine. I'm deeply grateful to work with such a diverse community of designers and artisans in New York City, while also having the freedom to pursue my own creative path and passions. With out further ado, the BEST OF 2018...

 Custom masks for Blakus Paris's Fashion week launch party. Commissioned by the fab babes at  TINSEL Experiental Design. YES Please! Studs, spikes, crystal, these are a few of my faaaavorite things...

A true party animal!! Mirrored disco pony for Bergdorf Goodman's interior Fashion Week installation. Fabrication w/Sam Theis and Gloria Gutierrez from BG visual dept. Art direction by David Hoey.

Lights, camera... SPARKLE!!! Crystal clapboards and camera's for Swarovski's Oscars party at their new store in Time Square. Commissioned by the fab design agency the Gathery.

200+ Crystal cherries and kamquats by Sparkledome Studio for table decor at the CFDA Fashion Awards. Commissioned by (the mothership!!) Swarovski via Stefan Beckman. The cherries went viral on social media courtesy of pics posted by Kendall Jenner of the cherry fueled table exploits of the Kardashian's and super model Gigi Hadid.

Creating alternate reality spaces is one of my greatest joys in life. It was a treat to work on this 'Enchanted Forest' spring installation in the home decor loft at Bergdorf Goodman. 
Art direction by Shane Ruth, install by BG Visual crew.

  Honored to be featured in a 6 page spread in Faerie Magazine!! Thank you Carolyn Turgeon!!! Life goal <3 The feature includes an interview about my artistic passions, siren affinities, and tricks-of-the-trade mermaid bra tutorial.

 This year one of my greatest gifts to myself was to build an updated, sparkling website to feature my work in windows, special events, props, costumes and jewelry design. I am in love with the new . Thank you Steve Pagan!!!

Luscious plant and flower walls for 'Swisse' vitamins that toured multiple cities with the Wanderlust festival. Design, Fabrication & Installation by Ellen Robin's  'Flower Cult.

An ode to one of my favorite city's in the whole world!! Beaded jester for New Orleans Tricentennial windows at Bergdorf Goodman. Design and Embellishment by Burke and Pryde studio. Sculpture by Meryl Bennett.  Installation by the fab BG visual crew. Art direction by David Hoey.

Custom mask in collaboration with designer Chloe Gosselin for submission to CFDA and Phantom of the Opera's auction for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

An out-of-this-world 'Hulaween in the Cosmos'! This year I was team leader for the decor installation at Bette Midler and New York Restoration Project's annual Halloween party at St. John the Divine. Decor designed by Douglas Little.

  Design and Fabrication by Burke and Pryde studio. Install by Burke and Pryde and Bergdorf Visual crew. Art direction David Hoey.

The highlight of my artistic year is always working on the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows! This fall I worked at Johanna Burke's illustrious Burke and Pryde studio on the embellishment of the black and white carousel window. My days were spent with the B&P team applying patterns with candy, polymer clay, and sculpting the horse's mane's out of caulk. The amount of detail is overwhelming, a must see in person!! The Bergdorf Holiday windows are up thru January 3rd at 58th and 5th ave. Also featured in Frieze Magazine and New York Times. Wishing everyone joy and inspiration in the new year. Happy holidays!! 

XO Sarah Sparkles