Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Iron and Glory Launch at Harley Davidson, Mermaid Parade, and More

Last summer I was lounging on the beach basking in the glow of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade when I met 'Iron and Glory's' founder Richard Brandt. We hit it off and stayed connected via social media.This spring Richard contacted me and requested to hire me as a consultant, to design custom installations for the Iron and Glory 'Whiskey and Motorcycle's' launch party at Harley Davidson's flagship store in Manhattan. Iron and Glory features an array of meticulously curated accessories, apparel,  home decor, and custom engraving that appeals to the biker-chic, Americana, and rock and roll subcultures. Striking out on his own, Iron and Glory is Richard Brandt's love child. His enthusiasm is unparalleled! A very exciting experience for me to support this dynamic, independent business. I do love rock and roll... ;)


                                                   Installation design by Sarah Sparkles for
                                      'Iron and Glory' at Harley Davidson, NYC Spring 2015

Shortly after, I get a call from one of my favorite designers, the illustrious Douglas Little asking me to build a cat suit out of feathers for an installation in a unique art-filled Soho condo.

Art direction by Douglas Little 
Fabrication by Sarah Sparkles and Paloma Soledad

Other art adventures this season included installations at the Juliska showroom on Madison ave and  flagship store in Stamford, Connecticut. Juliska is also a dynamic, independently owned business- the love child of the divine Capucine and David Gooding, purveyors of fine glass wear and home decor.

                                                          Art direction by Douglas Little
                                               Installations by Douglas and Sarah Sparkles

 One of the highlights of my entire year is attending the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. It is a national holiday for my mermaid tribe. This year I designed a new jewel encrusted bikini to wear in the parade. In tandem, designed a new collection of One of a Kind Creations mermaid jewelry sold exclusively at Enchantments in the East Village.
                                  One of a Kind Creations mermaid jewelry by Sarah Sparkles
                            Sold exclusively at Enchantments NYC and online etsy store.

                                             custom design mermaid bra by Sarah Sparkles
 **Mermaid Tribe**

With my mermaid sister Kai Altair <3
**Happy Summer**

Now the Fall season is upon us. I am working around the clock in my studio, bedazzling props for the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows. Coming up for air to do ongoing window installations, and make preparations for Bette Midler's Hulaween party. Tis the season to hustle and grind, but those sweet mermaid days of summer will remain close in my heart. <3