Friday, September 27, 2013

Fashion Week Windows, Bronx Botanical Garden Installations, and More!

 In my world, when Fall Fashion Week roles around, the Bergdorf windows go back into full swing and it is like going back to school. This happens during the last week of August, while many of my friends are traveling Europe or having their minds blown at Burning Man. This year's Fall 2013 Fashion Week windows celebrated the prolific 1980s fashion illustrator: Tony Viramontes. The windows featured installations that incorporated a large collection of his original prints, archival photos, and copies of the newly launched book 'Bold, Beautiful, and Damned' on the late artists life work.

After installing the Fashion week windows with my BG teammates, the next art adventure was missioning up to the Bronx Botanical Garden to oversee the de-install of the Wild Medicine: Healing Plants from Around the World exhibition that I helped install back in May with designer Douglas Little.  The Bronx Botanical Garden is one of my favorite venues to work in. It was a fantastic experience to install the Cacao hut in a simulated rain forest (minus the mosquitos!!!) and the Tea Pavilion overlooking a stunning tropical pond and lily pad installation. I apologize for not mentioning this installation sooner. I often have multiple projects in motion, but I fully intend to post more events and installations while they are still underway in hopes that more people will enjoy them.

                                                                       Tea Pavilion

                                                                        Cacao Hut

 Creating installations that are interwoven with nature is such a deep pleasure. In the final days of summer, I took a trip up to Growing Heart Farm with friends. We harvested wild flower and trimmed the over-ripe trees to acquire the decor for our community celebration.

                            decor by Mikiko Murakami, Ashley Cambell, Eduardo Darancou,
                                                         Kayla Jo, and Sarah Sparkles

Now the Fall season is officially in full swing. YAY!!!! The past few weeks, I have been out at the BG warehouse in full holiday windows production mode... I'm not allowed to post any sneak peaks from our secluded art lair, but I will say there has been a lot of glitter involved. I was also given a take home project-covering a featured prop entirely in Swarovski crystals. Needless to say, I am a happy girl :)

This photo was taken over the summer in the Bergdorf studio, where I was silver leafing for days... Xmas in August. Yes. Welcome to my world.

And if full blown Bergdorf holiday window production, and ongoing installations wasn't enough- I have just begun working for a massive theater set production that opens in December, am preparing to perform and do installations for multiple high end Halloween events AND planning the full-on launch party for my book Parades, Parties, and Protests at a unique, fabulous venue in Williamsburg on October 10th. If you haven't already- please like the Parades Parties and Protests FB page for more updates about the book. Last but not least, my first batch of hardcover books has arrived, and is officially available on Barnes and Nobles website. WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!  This is shaping up to be a seriously exciting season!! Stay tuned :)