Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bergdorf Fashion Week Windows, Christian Dior, Vintage Glamour Accessories @ Liloveve Gallery, and More!

Oh my goodness... So much has happened since my last post. The big news is, that my book layout is 90% finalized in InDesign. I am doing some last fine-tuning of the text while I still can, and have some big decisions to make about the cover design. These days, the majority of books sell over the internet. You have 5 seconds and a 1 inch thumbnail to attract people, so it is of dire importance that it be sharp, exuberant, and iconic... My brain is bending. I am deeply looking forward to taking a (partial) vacation from the computer after my book is done, and to focus more on my beloved tactile pursuits of crystal embellishing, set work, accessories and jewelry design. I recently went to a large bead show and bought a bevy of gorgeous stones and crystals for my upcoming jewelry collections. Spoiler: Agate Druzy. These are reallllly sparkly stones that look like the glistening craters inside of a geode... yeah :)

In the last 2 months it has been really busy in my other realms of creative work. At Bergdorf Goodman we did Fashion Week windows- "Great Moments in Literature" I love the synchronicity in my life. Doing crazy book windows, while completely immersed in my own book obsession.


                                                          Fashion Week Windows designed by David Hoey. 
                                                   Installation by Sarah Sparkles and BG team. February 2013

After the fashion week windows came down, the next big round of action at Bergdorf was a Christian Dior extravaganza for the relaunch of the brand. I spent most of my time in the mannequin studio giving the Dior girls the Swarovski crystal cat eye treatment :)

                                Sparkles + Bergdorf+ Dior+ Swarovski = <3 <3 <3 March 201

This past month I also worked on windows for the Bergdorf children's boutique Little BG, Chinese New Year, and the Men's Store.

Amidst the bevy of Bergdorf windows and the final processes of producing a photography book, my Vintage Glamour Accessory collection was accepted in the Engage show at Liloveve Gallery in Williamsburg from 2/7- 3/5. My new collection was in a gallery show before I could even get it up on my website. Right now I can barely keep up, but am so grateful for this deep well of inspiration :) A smaller collection of Vintage Glamour accessories is currently on sale at Solstice dance studio. 

                                          The designs below represent my dreams for the future.
                                  *  Sparkles, beads, crystals, artistry, transformation and flight*

                                Necklace and crystal butterfly hair clip by Sarah Sparkles 2013