Saturday, December 8, 2012

*Kostume Kult- Fairy Tale Apocolypse* Halloween 2012

For the past decade, the New York City art collective Kostume Kult has thrown ornate theme parties through out the year to raise money for the free costume boutique that they host annually at the Burning Man Festival. It is Kostume Kult's mission to get people to dress up and express themselves. This is why I love them. This year they even helped save Halloween. After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, down town Manhattan was completely without power. The annual Village Halloween Parade was canceled. Core members of Kostume Kult helped organize a renegade Halloween parade that took place on the previously scheduled route. The official Halloween party took place a few nights later. The theme: “Fairy Tale Apocalypse.” Perfect. I wasn’t in the mood for a party after the storm. However, I have been Kostume Kult’s main door girl for years, and had already agreed to work- so I went. I ended up having a great time meeting people and taking inventory of all the amazing flamboyant regalia as it streamed in.  Despite the turmoil in peoples lives, many were adorned in fantastic costumes that they had created and the atmosphere was extremely resilient and vibrant. People with out heat or power still showed up looking fierce. I love New York. Thank you Kostume Kult for doing its own special kind of relief work: Keeping New York City Fabulous.

             Bruce Lindsay modeling pieces from his new costume/accessory line Electric Candy. "Electric Candy Couture specializes in laser cut and engraved acrylic costumes, jewelry, and accessories that transform its wearers into beings of magic and myth, invoking our inner warriors, lovers, and heroes."

"Is that a veggie strainer on your boob, or are you happy to see me?" Maybe both!
Chuki Lord is always rocking amazing style. I asked her what inspires her costumes and she said she likes to look around and see what she has that serves a specific function that can be transformed into something else. Keep it up girl, it's working! :)

The "Fairytale Apocalypse" Fairy Princess 
                         Iced-Out to the Ice Age quartz crystal necklace by Sarah Sparkles

               "Kostume Kult is a costume art, theme event and media collective
         involved in public festivals, underground art parties and street theater events.
                 We bring people together, creating community in unique ways
                              while challenging people to think differently."
                   For more information check out:

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