Saturday, December 8, 2012

*Bergdorf Goodman 111 Anniversary Gala* October 2012

In October Bergdorf Goodman celebrated their 111 Anniversary with a lavish gala at the Plaza Hotel that was attended by the glitterati of the fashion world. Creative director Douglas Little was brought on board to design the stage décor for the gala and he hired me to work on this event as his assistant. We have both worked with Bergdorf Goodman for a number of years, so we are well-versed in their aesthetic. It was a great match! I went to planning meetings, helped with pulling props, coordinated shipments, and managed the freelance team all the while doing production, install, and strike. I do love multi-tasking! Many of the props used were from the Bergdorf anniversary windows and from previous years installations. The older props were brought out to the studio where they were given custom BG purple paint jobs by the lead painter Danny Balgley and other members of the talented freelance team. When the transformation was complete, the stage set was a conglomeration of a mad tea party and a birthday celebration designed in the spirit of Bergdorf's iconic windows.

                         Gorgeous specialty props painted by Danny Balgley and his assistant Emily

                  Watching the decor go up around the party room at the Plaza was pretty epic.


       Production & Installation by Sarah Sparkles and crew. Stage design by Douglas Little.

                                        Remember the anniversary cakes? There baaaack! :)

                                                      And a fabulous time was had by all!
                                                             Happy anniversary BG!

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