Saturday, December 8, 2012

*Temple of Bass at Growing Hearts Farm* September 2012

Over the full moon weekend in late September I was asked to help with stage design for the 'Temple of Bass', community dance party that was taking place at Growing Hearts Farm in Upstate New York. The event was produced by the lovely Dina Sati, who curated a divine array of music from organic and live to crunked-out and bass-heavy, to inspire yoga, meditation, and dance. The experience also included meals with healthy food from the farm, time in nature, and alters imbued with love. This event also created something deeper which is a seed of growth that is planted when a group participates in reclaiming community sovereignty by creating their own rituals and culture. A culture that is there own, that is built from their visions and hands, not fed to them by the mass media or owned by corporations. This particular group effort conjured a genuine sense of joy and camaraderie that was nourishment for the spirit. :)

For stage decor I teamed up with my friend Mikiko who is a doctor that recently moved to New York from San Francisco. This was our first time collaborating and it was a hit! We truly had a great time, with a cohesive vision and a great flow between us. I kept joking with her that she might consider switching professions. The rest of the dream team included Eduardo Darancou aka Man Beast and Adam Pruitt who built the stage structure and video installation by Dan Baker. While the men finished building, Miki and I spent the morning of the event picking a wealth of wild flowers from the field. It was a true harvest of abundance. <3

Stage decor by Sparkles and Miki. Video installation by Dan Baker. Stage structure by Adam Pruitt and Eduardo Darancou.

Kayla Jo and Liz Blake adorn the community alter.
Structure by Adam Pruitt and Eduardo Darancou
Blessings <3

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