Saturday, December 8, 2012

*One of a Kind Creations Stone and Crystal Jewelry* by Sarah Sparkles

  One of a Kind Creations is a jewelry line designed in conjunction to principles of color vibration and the metaphysical properties of semi-precious stone. Inspirations for the jewelry include fairies, mermaids, angels, pirates, the earth, and cosmos. For the past 7 years, One of a Kind Creations jewelry has been sold at Enchantments, New York City's oldest occult store. I am the primary jewelry designer for Enchantments and have more than 40 pieces of jewelry that are one of a kind or extremely limited edition that are currently on display and available for sale at that location.  
                                               For more information about Enchanments
                                             please visit
                             or visit in person at 424 East 9th Street (btwn 1st Ave. and Ave A)

This fall I landed a new jewelry account at the gorgeous new metaphysical store Namaste Bookshop on 14th St. and 5th Ave in Manhattan. My intention is to sell my jewelry in places that attract people who want to wear adornment that helps maintain a connection to earth and spirit through out daily life. These one of a kind smokey quartz and amethyst sets are now available at Namaste.

                          For more info on Namaste please visit
                    One of a Kind Creations Jewelry is also available at Solstice Dance Studio.

For the sake of maintaining an affordable retail price point, most of the jewelry is currently single strand designs. However I do have visions of many designs that have double, triple, and quadruple strands, and would love to start making more elaborate jewelry as custom orders.

With the notion of more elaborate designs in mind, I really stocked up this time when the bead show came to town. I filled my coffers with black jasper, pyrite, lapis lazuli, turquoise, labradorite, amethyst, moonstone, and LOTS of Quartz crystal. Keep an eye out for a Sparkles quartz crystal jewelry line in the upcoming year. :)

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Below is a little story about the history of One of a Kind Creations Jewelry:

Making jewelry has been a great passion of mine since I was a child. It started with wrapping the multi-colored wires cut down from the telephone polls, then later selling beaded jewelry at my childhood dance studio. In 1998 I started my jewelry line "One of a Kind Creations." My collection at that time was mainly seed beads, glass beads, metal parts, and vintage crystals. I sold jewelry to everyone at my school, including the teachers and the principle. The security guards would joke that I sold jewelry like it was drugs. Needless to say that year i won my schools small business development award :) In 2000 I experienced a major catalyst for my budding jewelry business. A friend of mine asked me to accompany her on a photo shoot, because it was going to be her first time modeling for a new photographer at his studio. I went on the shoot, introduced myself to the photographer and told him "don't mind me I'm just going to be sitting in the corner making jewelry." To my surprise the photographers response was "Well then I have something for you!!" He went into his closet and pulled out a duffel bag FULL of hundreds of strands of SEMI-PRECIOUS STONE beads. He said it had been left at his studio after a shoot more then 10years ago and I could have whatever I wanted. (!!!!) And the rest is history: One of a Kind Creations Stone and Crystal Jewelry.

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