Saturday, December 8, 2012

*Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Window Production* October 2012

The fall is the time of year I call art boot camp while spending weeks at a time doing holiday window production out at the Bergdorf Goodman warehouse. This season I worked with the Bergdorf visual team on gold leafing and aging dozens of metal props and the prosceniums that frame the 5th avenue windows. Painting for days, leafing for days, staining and aging for days. Boot camp style. The BG visual team has so much heart. The freelance team consists of highly talented artists who are all unique and bring  a variety of experiences to the table from working multiple job. The backbone of the team is our managers Shane Ruth, Demetrios Argyropoulos and Randy Gunderson who have been working for BG for the last 10-20years. I am so grateful for the experience of working on such an amazing team. :)
Here is a short behind the scenes video shot by Coveteur about the 2012 Bergdorf holiday windows production with footage from artist studios around the city, and the BG warehouse.

                                            photo of Sparkles gold leafing by Coveteur

                                         Liz Flores paints the base coat for a prop
                          that will then be gold/silver leafed. Not bad for a base coat! :)

                              The BG visual team gold leafed all of the 5th Ave prosceniums.

                                         Sean Slaney uses his advanced painting techniques
                                                            to help age the prosceniums.          

                                    This mannequin styled by Ron Salva remained sequestered
                                                    in the studio in the days before install.

TADA!!! "BG Follies" Holiday Window 2012 Act IV, the Daredevil Act, featuring fashion from  Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2013 runway collection. “Our windows are a practice in making the impossible possible — in twisting complexities to new levels by using old-world craftsmanship and artistry."- Window Director David Hoey

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