Saturday, December 8, 2012

*Shanghai Mermaid* October 2012

Shanghai Mermaid is one of my favorite parties going. The vintage 1920’s-30’s styled speakeasy cabaret with a strict dress-code is a hidden gem tucked away deep in the heart of Brooklyn. That's right, no jeans, no sneakers, it's vintage glamor, flappers, dandy's, and showgirls only. Once behind the unassuming warehouse door, guests step inside a decadent world of hot jazz bands, wild dancing, beautiful people and avant garde performances of burlesque, aerial and fire. Heaven. Shanghai Mermaid was created by Juliette Campbell, an ultra talented event producer who is highly committed to her aesthetic. She designs her events with the intention of providing a truly transformative experience. Shanghai Mermaid participants are encouraged to design their performances and costumes based on period music and styles of dress. At this party on numerous occasions a sensation is conjured that whisks me off to distant time that is oddly familiar. Flapper past life perhaps? Probably. Over the last few years I have worked many facets of this party including designing holiday décor, stage-managing, and cocktailing. I love this party so much I truly want to work the room.  I am utmost grateful to Juliette Campbell and other dedicated event producers who create platforms that encourage people to create costumes, dress up, and go out and celebrate life. I salute you.

Shanghai Mermaid family, in the center the hostest with the most-est Juliette Cambell <3

 One of my favorite aspects of Shanghai Mermaid is that it continually inspires me to design vintage-styled jewelry and accessories to wear to the party. Nightlife has long been a driving force in what inspires me to create original costumes and accoutrements. Jewelry and head pieces designed by Sarah Sparkles.

A gorgeous crowd celebrating Halloween at Shanghai Mermaid 
A special spooky Halloween performance by Rachel Klein Dance Theatre

                                      Special thanks to Juliette Campbell for her dedication
                                                  to creating such a fabulous party! XO

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