Saturday, December 8, 2012

*Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Window Installation* November 2012

For the past 7 years the season finale of my fall production season is always inevitably the installation of the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows. This years theme was The BG Follies of 2012, with windows inspired by Ziegfeld Follies, Vaudeville revues, old Hollywood, Art Deco style and vintage show girls. (YAY!!!) This year my assignment was to install a window on 5th avenue entirely covered in meticulously patterned feathers. Thousands of feathers. Ostrich, peacock, rooster, I was in heaven! The window was designed by window director David Hoey in collaboration with Johanna Burke of Burke and Pryde design studio.  My co-worker Rory and I spent an entire week installing and doing last minute production for the feather window. This window is a true masterpiece, I'm grateful to have been apart of it.

"Called Naughty and Nice, Act II Window is a tribute to burlesque performer Sally Rand, inventor of the risque fan dance... Our visual team’s obsessive artistry: it’s covered in thousands (if not millions) of white feathers. The feathers are used as a mosaic and was constructed feather by feather.”- Window director David Hoey quoted on BG's window blog.

                 Rory put forth an impeccable attention to detail while installing the feather window.

Johanna is schooling Rory on her stellar rigging techniques.
Its perfect that we cant see what she is doing. You are not supposed to. That's what makes it so good!!
Sparkles werrrking in an Alexander McQueen hat.
Inside one of the greatest shows on earth
                                        BG Follies 2012 "Naughty and Nice" Holiday Window
                                      Fashion by Marchesa, Accessories by New York Vintage

          Bergdorf Windows are on display at 58th Street and 5th Ave until January 3rd, 2013


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