Saturday, December 8, 2012

*Bergdorf Goodman Anniversary Windows* September 2012

In September Bergdorf Goodman celebrated their 111th Anniversary with a myriad of festivities including ornate windows that were launched in conjunction to “Fashion's Night Out”- the kick off of one of New York City's most heralded events: Fashion Week. During the last week of August (while the majority of my friends were on distant journeys to Burning Man and other exotic far-off locales…) I spent the bulk of the week in the BG studio painting cakes. Cake party for Sparkles! For me the onset of Fashion Week marks the end of summer, and the start of my highly anticipated peak season. Let the games begin!

Sparkles in the BG studio. The cakes "before" picture. Some were heavily coated in gold paint and gold leaf. The cakes are about to be transformed into shades of official BG purple.

The Bergdorf Anniversary cakes "after" picture :) Party time!

Bergdorf Goodman Anniversary window on 58th Street
creative director David Hoey

Sparkles in the window! photo by Eraj Asadi

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