Saturday, December 8, 2012

*Van Cleef and Arpels Holiday Décor* November 2012

For the past three years creative director Douglas Little has designed the Van Cleaf and Arpels holiday windows and interior décor. This year he booked me and one of my favorite co-workers on the planet Jessie Flynn to encrust a phoenix statue in mother of pearl for the main floor of the iconic luxury jewelry store. This was one of my favorite projects of the season, because meticulous detail work with tiny sparkly things is one of my life's callings. The phoenix sculpture was fabricated by the ultra talented artist George Sellers and one of his assistants started the shell work in Dallas. Jessie and I brought it home :)
Jessie Flynn is an amazing inter-disciplinary artist hailing from Scotland/ Northern England. Her specialties include painting, mosaicing, mask making, and is currently producing props for the highly acclaimed theatre show Sleep No More.
Jessie Flynn painting Van Cleef and Arpels Holiday windows 2011
The first day Jessie and I ever worked together we ended up dressed as stiletto-clad maids covered in hot wax assisting Douglas in a Bergdorf Goodman Fashion Week window. The fates smiled upon us.Since then we have worked together as production artists on television, glamorous special events and unique high-end fashion windows. We are like old war buddies, with a high threshold for pain and extremely long hours. We love what we do. This holiday production season we were both working around the clock, running back and forth between Bergdorf Goodman holiday production and Van Cleef and Arpels.



The completion of the Van Cleef holiday windows and decor was celebrated with a fabulous launch party. I was too busy drinking champagne and having a ball with my cohorts to take many photos, but luckily the paparazzi was there.­ Photos available on Patrick

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