Tuesday, December 8, 2015

**Bergdorf Goodman 'Brilliant Holiday' Windows 2015**

This November marked my 10 year anniversary as a Bergdorf Goodman window dresser, and coincided with one of the sparkliest years of holiday windows to date! The Bergdorf 2015 'Brilliant Holiday' windows were designed in collaboration with Swarovski. An estimated 7 million crystals were used to embellish Bergdorf's scintillating 5th avenue holiday vitrines. According to window director David Hoey 'These windows have everything to do with 'crystals, gems, and jewels.' The street is lined with fantastical scenes including an Amethyst encrusted cavern, a nautical pearl-laden Poisiden, a regal rhinestone royal court, and a glittering fortune teller scene. The windows have gotten much fabulous press this season including glowing mentions in the NY TimesArchitectural Digest, and Vogue. Swarovski also produced a short video that reveals a glimpse behind the scenes of the massive team effort that makes these dream holiday windows come true.

On a hot summer day in late August, two 3 foot tall winged mythic griffins and a large shopping bag full of Swarovski crystals descended upon my studio. From there on, I worked around the clock for three solid months jewel encrusting custom props for the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows. 2 griffins, a blue ribbon, an alligator head, a bear head, 2 baby birds, and a partridge in a pear tree… ;) My studio was fondly coined the 'Sarah Sparkles Super Sparkly Swarovski Sweatshop' with shopping bags full of crystals and glittering props covering the room. The two griffins were commissioned for the royal themed 'Crown Jewels' holiday window. They were the most labor intensive project of the season that required an extensive amount of shading and contoured work. We exhausted Swarovski's entire inventory of the SS30 Gold Dorado and Bronze Shade crystal. These glittering beasts are an absolute must see in person!! Special thanks to my trusted assistants at the Sparkles Swarovski Sweatshop; Abby Hertz, Kayla Jo Berley, Contessa Create, and Timothy Wood.

 Knights and crowns by Burke and Pryde, Hair by Mio Guberinic, Griffins by Sarah Sparkles studio.
  Window design by David Hoey, Fashion by Libertine, Bergdorf 'Brilliant Holiday' windows November, 2015

Crystal birds, bear head, and copper leaf rocks 
commissioned by Shane Ruth, visual director of Bergdorf Goodman's Men's store
 for the 'Crystal Cabin' 2015 holiday windows.

As the pair of griffins for the 5th ave 'Crown Jewels' window neared completion, I acquired additional commissions to embellish a large Blue Ribbon and Alligator head for the 5th Avenue shadow boxes at the women's store. At the Sparkle studio, we affectionately called the blue ribbon 'Baby Boy' and the Alligator 'Ali G the Scorpio.' Though he was the last prop to come in sending deadline pressures through the roof, Ali G was my favorite sparkle project of the season :)

                                              'Rockstar' Swarovski Alligator by Sarah Sparkles Studio
                                              Window design by David Hoey, Purses by Judith Leiber
                                              Bergdorf 'Brilliant Holiday' windows, November 2015

Dreams do come true!!! :) I am so deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in this dynamic collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman and one of my favorite sparkle mediums of all time- **Swarovski Crystals.** The Bergdorf 'Brilliant Holiday' windows on 58th street and 5th ave are up thru January 4th, 2016. If you are in NYC, go check them out!!! Wishing you all a happy, sparkling holiday season. <3

Sarah Sparkles

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