Sunday, December 1, 2013

*Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows 2013*

The fall production season rolled in full force this year, with a slew of rotating window installations, and holiday window production out at the Bergdorf warehouse. This is the time of year I live for! Where all I do is make art for a living, all day everyday on a dynamic team of highly trained artisans. This year’s theme is ‘Holidays on Ice,’ a wintery interpretation of iconic annual holidays. I worked on components for the Arbor Day, Valentines Day, and Halloween windows. I was also assigned my own take home project, of jewel encrusting a sleek black cat. 

                         Production artists Sarah Sparkles and Mia Radysh glittering the bloom

                              Production manager Demetrious Argyropoulos plays mad scientist 
                      with the resin's chemistry to create the authentic effect of ice-covered foliage.

Window design by David Hoey. Fashion by Giambattista Valli Couture and Oscar de la Renta
Holiday windows on display at Bergdorf Goodman 58th Street and 5th ave. through January 5th

Black crystal p*ssy- custom jewel embellishment by Sarah Sparkles
                                  Sarah Sparkles, Jessie Flynn, and Douglas Little bejeweling
                                  the Bergdorf black widow spider at the Sparkledome studio.

Crystal spider and web designed by Douglas Little


'Glittering, high Gothic masquerade' Window design by David Hoey. Fashion by Naeem Khan.
Holiday windows on display at Bergdorf Goodman 58th Street and 5th ave. through January 5th

In October, I took an unprecedented leap during holiday window season to work on the forthcoming show Queen of the Night assisting set designer Douglas Little. Queen of the Night is brought to you by a powerhouse team of internationally renowned producers and creative directors from the immersive theater, subversive nightlife, and fashion world. The show boldly weaves theater, circus, and fine dining, while guests are immersed in opulent decor and sensual experiences. Initially my days were spent in a sprawling Park Avenue office extensively sourcing materials, hitting the pavement, and making samples. Once onsite at the Diamond Horseshoe, I spent many days covered in butterfly wings and hot wax. For now that is all I can say about that. Queen of the Night opens New Years Eve 2013.

This production season was seriously hardcore!!! While working 7 weeks on set full time, in my free time* (haha) I was crystal embellishing props for Bergdorf, launching my book Parades, Parties, and Protests, stage design for Mermaid Lagoon, d├ęcor for Bette Midler’s Halloween party, and performing at VOGUE- worthy exclusive events with my old friend Chris Flambeaux.You might ask how this is humanly possible? Well. Anyone who knows me well, knows that on any given day, my bed is COVERED in Swarovski crystals. And truth be told I spent the last 2 months sleeping with a crystal encrusted black cat. Yes! There were many days I would wake up and work from 4am-7am to bejewel the cat, then do emails, and then put in a full day on set. It was that crazy… And I loved it!!!! To live at full capacity, high on art, and adrenaline, doing what I love every waking moment possible is what I live for.